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Meet our Boxers and see our upcoming litter plans!

Zuko The T-Birds Prize
Zuko is an outgoing male with excellent head structure and bone.  He loves to play and is a big sweetheart!



We've held Tuggy back from Min's Dec. 2004 litter to see how he will grow up.  We have another litter planned for late summer from Peanut (picture coming) and Zuko.  We expect flashy fawns and brindles from this litter.
Puppies like Tuggy planned for Summer 2005!

Jumojo's Min 
Minnie is an exceptionally sweet Boxer and a wonderful mother to her pups!


The other Boxers we own that are not yet pictured are:
Rizzo:  Rizzo is so mad we don't have her picture up!!!  She is lady of the house has mothered 3 litters.  She is our first Boxer and holds a special place in our hearts that none of our other Boxers will ever replace.  Rizzo is retired from breeding and enjoys car rides and playing soccer.
Peanut:  Peanut joined our family in the Summer of 2004 and with a little luck she will have puppies late this Summer or early Fall.

Bill and Beth Campbell * South Dakota * USA
For enquiries or to reserve a puppy from a future litter, please e-mail us:

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